Excellence in Teaching 

My teaching responsibilities take place within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at CSUDH. My primary courses are Organic Chemistry I and II for chemistry majors. The laboratory course is also taught. I have received excellent feedback from students on semester Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) evaluations. I always strive to improve teaching by participating in faculty groups, such as the CSUDH sponsored Faculty Learning Community (FLC) to implement new and revised course assignments in chemistry curricula. I am also a participant in the Summer 2016 CSU-wide workshop on "What Works: Designing Teaching for Diverse Learners" at the CSU Chancellor's Office.  

Courses Taught

CHE- 310 - Organic Chemistry I

CHE-311 - Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CHE-312 - Organic Chemistry II 

CHE-313- Organic CHemistry II Laboratory

CHE-450- Biochemistry

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